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Pisco is a strong, colorless or yellowish-to-amber colored grape brandy produced along South America's west coast comprising of the winemaking regions of Peru and Chile. It is the quintessential aguardiente (firewater) of both Peru and Chile. Legend has it that Pisco came about in the 16th century, yet still to this day two nations battle it out over who gets to claim it as their own invention. Pisco is technically an unaged brandy obtained from the distillation of recently fermented Peruvian grape musts and juices. Some say its like Grappa because both are made from grapes. Others relate it to Tequila because of its similar herbal and almost earthy flavors. The truth is, comparisons to other liquors often fall fiat because Pisco has its own unique personality. As it is made from different grape varieties, different Pisco will have different characteristics. Tabernero has been producing Pisco since 1897.