Villa Sandi Merlot Venezia DOC

Produced from a D.O.C. established in 2010 between Treviso and Venezia, Villa Sandi’s Merlot is a versatile, medium-bodied wine with floral hints and a lightly peppery twist on the finish. The grapes, after pressing are put into fermenters for maceration of the must in contact with the skins for 8-10 days at a controlled temperature of 28-30°C. Pumping over is carried out in this stage to extract the colour and tannins from the skins. The alcoholic fermentation is also completed in this period and the wine after racking is transferred into steel containers for malolactic fermentation. The wine remains in the tanks to age for at least 8-10 months before being bottled. Only after at least three months of ageing in the bottle is the wine ready for to be marketed.